A New Era of Security

The bad guys never take a break, why should your network security?

Logging and reporting of critical infrastructure

24/7 Security Operations Center

Logging and reporting of all servers, workstations using leading open source technologies


Security Alerts

Our Security Operations Center is on the job 24/7 monitoring your infrastructure and alerting you to the important events

Vulnerability Detection

Using a multi layered approach we can help detect vulnerabilities so they can be address in a timly maner to keep you as secure as possible 

Security Analysis

We provide the latest in open source security monitoring to give you an easy to use web console to search, view, and analyze security events happening on your network and devices.


SecurityVue Solutions & Services

SecurityVue was started with a focus on bridging the gaps in information security in K12 education with the most cost effective solutions and services available.

Texas Cybersecurity Framework

SecurityVue helps fill in the gaps any district may have in the newly required Texas Cybersecurity Framework to help improve the overall score and address specific needs in the framework.


What We Offer

We offer solutions to help you get a better vue into your information security and help to improve your posture to ensure you are doing the best you can with the limited resources abailable

24/7 Security Operations Center

We monitor your critical infrastructure 24/7 and alert you of the important events

Event Logging and Reporting

Logging and Reporting of all security related events for server, workstations and network devices

Security Solutions

Vulnerability detection, scanning and reporting are just a few of the features of our software stack to help give you a clear vue into your information security


Our Approach to Security

We believe that security is a part of everyone’s job. You may or may not have dedicated staff for information security but if every employee, contractor, etc does not think security first it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on securing your network. It just takes one person to compromise almost any network.

User Education

Educating and training your work force is the front line defence of any system or network.

Logging & Monitoring

Logging all your traffic and security events is only part of the picture. If you do not have anyone monitoring those logs 24/7 events could go unnoticed for months or years.

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